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The Security Benevolent Fund

Apart from making grants to other charities and organisations in pursuit of the Company's charitable objectives, the Trustees also administer The Security Benevolent Fund.  This is a fund within the charity which is there to assist members of the security profession who are distressed and in need of welfare support. 

Individuals sometimes fall on hard times and need help getting back on their feet.  In order to return to work they may also require medical care or assistance which is not readily available without some financial support.  The Trustees are willing to consider applications for grants from the Security Benevolent Fund subject to an application form being completed and a willingness to disclose information (medical, social and financial) which will allow for proper assessment and an accountable distribution of funds.  It should be noted that money is rarely if ever paid directly to an individual but rather to a supporting organisation or a company in payment of a credited invoice. (Please also note that funds are not normally provided for the renewal of SIA Licences).

This leaflet provides more information about the Security Benevolent Fund SBF Leaflet . Examples of how the Security Benevolent Fund has helped people can be found here  SBF Examples of Cases Assisted . 

To obtain an application form please contact the Assistant Clerk by emailing or by calling 020 8311 1523.

Once your application form has been received it will be passed to the Trustee with responsibility for welfare issues who may contact applicants, and/or any third party acting on behalf of the applicant, to discuss and confirm information provided in the application.  The merits of the application will then be assessed and a recommendation made to the Trustees for their final decision.   The Trustee with responsibility for Welfare can be contacted by email via the Assistant Clerk -