The Register of Chartered Security Professionals

Within the Powers granted in the Royal Charter, the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals was permitted to create and maintain a Register of Chartered Practitioners in security practices, whether separately or in association with one or more other organisations, and to establish such conditions of registration as may be desirable.

To that end, the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and the Security Institute developed the Register of Chartered Security Professionals as a means of recognising and maintaining high standards and on-going proficiency for individuals in Security.  An overview of the Register is available at this link  Register of Chartered Security Professionals Overview

Registrants are known as Chartered Security Professionals and may use the post-nominal CSyP.  Registrants have to comply with a Code of Conduct, a professional disciplinary code, and also complete continuous professional development each year.

For the purposes of the Register, Security means the protection, guarding or defence of persons, property (real and/or intellectual) or the Realm from threats posed by crime, terrorism, or business malpractice. It is the business of dealing with the risks presented by such threats and the creation of a response and/or defence to them. It will encompass everything that works towards the provision of protection, guarding or defence, including intelligence gathering, research and information technology.