Past Masters Emeriti

A Past Master of the Company at any time after the period of four years from the date of installation of his/her successor may, by application to the Court, be appointed Emeritus honoris causa in recognition of his/her services to the Company.  Past Masters Emeriti may receive Court papers, and may attend Court and speak, but may not vote or be counted towards a quorum.  They may also chair or serve on committees, sub-committees and ad hoc groups as voting members if invited to do so.  They may not however become Chairman of Standing Committees. (Ordinances 11.8)

The following have been appointed Past Master Emeritus:

Steve Neville OBE, Master 2002-2003
Una Riley, Master, 2003-2004
Trevor Gray, Master, 2005-2006
John Purnell GM QPM DL, Master 2006-2007
Nigel Churton MBE, Master 2011-2012
Gerald Moor, Master 2012-2013
Group Captain Brian Hughes, Master 2013-2014