Corporate Governance

The business of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals is managed by a Court of Liverymen elected by a ballot of the Liverymen and Freemen, assisted by Liverymen appointed by the Court as Honorary Court Assistants.  The Court comprises the Officers of the Company (the Master, the Senior, Middle and Junior Wardens, the Immediate Past Master and the Treasurer), the Founding Past Master, three Past Masters, appointed Honorary Court Assistants and not less than eight and not more than twenty elected Liverymen known as Court Assistants.  Officers, with the exception of the Treasurer, are elected annually by the Court whilst Court Assistants are elected, by the Liverymen and Freemen of the Company for a maximum continuous period of 12 years.

Standing Committees

The Worshipful Company has four Standing Committees which report to the Court and whose Chairmen are Court Assistants appointed by the Court. They are:

Finance & General Purposes

- responsible for the day-to-day administration and finances of the Company and chaired by Paul Ramsay.


- responsible for receiving, considering and determining applications for membership and chaired by Wes Harper.

Marketing and Fundraising

- responsible for the organisation of all social functions to raise monies for the Charitable Trust and to keep the Membership fully advised and chaired by Steve Emmins.


- serves the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals by creating, maintaining and enriching Service Affiliations across the Security Sector in order to enhance the profile and values of our Worshipful Company to current and former members of The Services. 

- The Services Committee administers the Company's Mentoring Scheme for leavers from the military and the civilian emergency services.  The Scheme aims to help those leavers looking to find employment in the corporate security sector, either in an employed position, or as a self-employed individual.  The Scheme does not seek to place an obligation on a mentee to join the WCoSP and the service is provided free of charge. Please click WCoSP Mentoring Scheme for further details.  A mentee application form is available at  WCoSP Mentee Form .